Launch DBScar product introduction

LAUNCH DBScar is a diagnosis-based-service telematics product developed by LAUNCH based on its independent intellectual property rights for the automotive after-market. It uses a two-chip (digital and analog) design with high performance, advanced technology and powerful functions, which can be applied to all 16PIN standard OBD2 vehicle ECU for diagnosis, and the the diagnostic result will be sent via Bluetooth to the personal terminal. It supports most of the LAUNCH Bluetooth wireless diagnostic equipment, which can provide vehicles with trouble diagnosing as well as real-time monitoring of current data launch cresetter.
Record and upload of vehicle working condition data
Fast wireless diagnosis is one use of Super launch idiag, which is applicable to vehicle owners to use in repair workshop. Users can download and install DBScar client software in smart phones, and then establish connection with DBScar by Bluetooth to send the diagnostic results to the phone, and finally to perform a series of vehicle trouble inspection and diagnosis-based services launch x431 iv.

Becord and upload of vehicle working condition data
Dbscar Diagnostic Connector can be used alone as a real-time monitoring equipment of vehicle data, and it can run independently to monitor, record and upload the vehicle condition data and trouble information. Vehicle result data can be sent via Bluetooth to DBScar client software (ie, black box), and it can also be exported via a USB cable to PC client software (repair shop or individual) for vehicle failure analysis, also the data can be sent from cell phone to the repair shop or team (ie, vehicle rescue).

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