How to install the mobile software?

A short generic description of the options available for installing the mobile software on your mobile device.

From the Downloads page, you should download the gs 911 usb interface downloader.  This is a Windows application and should be run on any Windows PC/Laptop.  See the F.A.Q.: “What does the GS-911downloader do?”

Once the Browser has opened the page that shows all the download links, browse down to all the mobile links and select the type of software that is appropriate for your gs 911 usb adapter… i.e. the Android app for an Android device and the Blackberry app for a Blackberry device, etc. You should be seeing something similar to the following (versions and dates might change):
You basically have 3 options, highlighted as “1”, “2” and “3” on the screenshot above. My preference is definitely Option 1. Here is a brief description of the options:

Option 1: Email download link to phone

When you click on this link, it will open the default email client on your PC with the link already populated in the body of the email… you simply add the email address that you want to send it to. Make sure this is an email that you can access on your mobile device… If you don’t have one (highly unlikely), you can register on for free.

Once you open the email on your mobile device, simply click on the link and this will install the software. You might also have to enable ‘install from unknown sources’ in your phone settings.

Option 2: Download the install package and manually install it on your mobile device

As the heading suggests, you download the install package (typically: right-click, save-as…). This will now be somewhere on your PC… and it is not our responsibility to teach you how to install a package on YOUR mobile device ;-)  Manual installation procedures differ from device to device, manufacturer to manufacturer and are even different (or prohibited) for various Operators (AT&T etc.)… if you need help on the manual install… Google is your friend!

Option 3: Copy the URL of the complete download page and send it to your phone/mobile device

Simply copy the complete URL (3) of the download page and text message/sms or email or whatever means you choose, to your mobile device.  When you open this link in the browser of your mobile device, you will see the above screenshot and you can then simply click on the package that is right for your Mobile device…

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