What windows system Nexiq Usb Link works with

I really would like to buy Nexiq USB Link, but I have a question, this product only works on XP, it doesnot work on vista or Windows7 and if yes the drivers are on installation disk, the installation disk are in Spanish or English or both?.. Thanks I will wait for your answer. You have better use Nexiq Usb Link on XP, but also can use on Windows7. Nexiq support multi-language, like English and Spanish.

Nexiq 125032 is compatible with 6 pin, 9 pin and obd2 standard 16pin adapter which worked no problem with various vehicle protocols. I have now posted the device to diagnose Volvo truck NH565, FH16, B7R, Volvo excavator EC140C, EW140B. It was capable of accessing to vehicle data for maintenance as well. As for other truck makes and function, I am confident that I will try them out in the near future.

When it came time to set up an additional diagnostic laptop wtih heavy duty software I decided to take a look at data link communicators other than the Nexiq USB link that I have used for years. Nexiq has great support and is the benchmark for the diesel engine industry, but I was looking for something that could take more abuse than the USB link.

I see there have been questions if Nexiq 125032 USB can change ECM parameters on cat/Cummins/Detroit/Volvo engines. Two had been told no, and the most recent was told that it will. I want to buy my own setup with the software as you offer only if I will be able to change ECM settings for at least the 4 engines I listed.

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