what a fantastic tool the X431 Euro Pad is.

The launch of the Launch X-431 PAD has been a great success for Launch UK, with garages up and down the country putting their orders in for the brand new device. But there are still a few people out there who are wondering why they need the Pad for their garage. Here, we’re going to tell you why. You Don’t Have to Plug It into the Car Directly. folllwing we’ve decided to bring together some of them so you can see for yourself what a fantastic tool the X431 Euro Pad is.

One – Unboxing If you ignore the rather energetic music and sometimes shaky camera work, the Launch Pad straight out of the box. It also features what it comes with and the secure and safe packaging.

Two – Testing with the BMW X5 This video is an interesting showcase of how the Pad actually performs, with this company using a BMW X5 as it’s testing model. It goes through many of the features the diagnostic tool offers.

Three – X431 Pad Setup Guide Our friends at Launch USA have produced this handy setup guide for those who have already purchased a device from us. The steps are likely to be the same, but for any problems you may have please contact Launch UK directly.

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