XTOOL EZ400 Pro 2013 Nissan Altima Sedan 20pin Smart Key

This post will share a process about use XTOOL EZ400 Pro to program 2013 Nissan Altima Sedan 20 pin smart key. Here we go

First, post the youtube video link of this process so that you could view more details:

Choose “Nissan Infiniti”

Nissan - Infiniti - 1

Choose “program keys” -> ”select from types” -> “smart key system” -> ”20 Pincode”->”type 1” -> “program smart keys”

Nissan - Infiniti - 2

Switch ignition off, turn on the hazard warning lights, press OK to continue

Nissan - Infiniti - 3

A note before program: next to all smart keys will be erased, you can program up to four smart keys, press YES to continue

Nissan - Infiniti - 4

Do not press the brakes, press the start button until the ignition switch turned on, press OK to continue

Turn on the ignition switch

Nissan - Infiniti - 5

Communication and switch ignition off when shows the note like this:

Nissan - Infiniti - 6

And a note will appear to guide you how to program smart key

Nissan - Infiniti - 7

Press the start button and release it immediately, then the yellow light will flash on the start button, use a smart that needs to be programmed to be attached to the start button until the instrument is lit. then press Yes.

Nissan - Infiniti - 9

Make sure the immobilizer lights off.

Nissan - Infiniti - 10

Switch ignition off

Nissan - Infiniti - 11

After Configuring the system, a note will show you program success and ask you whether to program another key or not.

Press YES to program the next one, press NO to return.

Nissan - Infiniti - 13

Follow the step as the first programmed keys above to program the next key.

Use the first programmed smart key to close to start button and turn switch ignition on, the buzzer sounds, programming is completed
Nissan - Infiniti - 14

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Where is the best place to buy a clone GM tech2

Today, I visit and read an interesting topic: Where is the best place to buy a clone GM tech2? a reliable site or Ali or ebay?
I think it is something helpful to the newbie who are looking for GM tech2, so I’d like to put together some typical posters’ reviews. I declare all posts are original not by modified.

1. I bought my Tech2 from this site. They charge more than the sellers on CnAutotool but I was able to use PayPal and had no issues with payment or shipping (got the package a week after I ordered it). I certainly wouldn’t want to send copies of my driver’s license/ID to buy something online.

2. I have recently purchased a tech 2 clone with 148. Downloaded all the software I found on the site and have a working tech 2 with security access. I have done DRL turn offs through the reading and knowledge of gturner’s help and experiments. I successfully replaced a bad ecu with a stage 1 I received from MPS and now have a damn good car. This site rocks I have obtained a lot of knowledge from all the guys that have been experimenting. I live in Texas near Houston and was stuck out do to no place to get the change done except through a GM stealership who would have charged me 7 to 800 because it had to be an ecu they got, labor, and usage of the tech2 and tis.

3. So I got the Professional Car Diagnostic Tool TECH 2 on Friday on eBay and spent the weekend with it. All is good and works great. Super quick to respond and it got here in great time. I ordered it without a case because I have old plastic tool boxes and foam so I’m just gonna DIY a case for it. The only gripe I have is with the connectors. then need some modifying in order to clip in and stay locked in place.

4. I can use my tech2 clone to everything on my three 9-5 from -99, -00 and -01. I haven’t experienced anything that stops me from using the Tech2 at it’s full capacity.

I have programmed keys and remotes which must be security related. The Tech2 has never been connected to a computer in any way.

To sum up:
Where is the best place to buy GM Tech 2, it depends on not only price, but also payment option, shipment, after-sales customer service & tech support. More importantly, is it working as it claims.

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How to ICOM Next DHCP Configuration + WiFi Connection

Guide:How to do BMW ICOM NEXT DHCP Configuration + WiFi Connection

Tool: ICOM Next
Car: BMW F10 series

DHCPI have configured this to work before with a chinese clone but ISTA+ wont connect with ICOM Next. Configured ICOM to DHCP, did the same to TP-Link router. Submask for LAN the same for ICOM and router. I get identification error. If I remove router, connection is OK except for ICOM Direct interface option in ISTA. I followed the numerous DHCP configuration instructions found around the internet.

WIFI OptionIt is quite frustrating finding info from the forums. All posters assume everyone is at the knowledge level they are at. I have Icom next genuine and TP-Link router. I tried setting up WLAN and my icom came up with “UNSUPPORT service” in itoolradar and green light in WLAN when ethernet disconnected. However my ethernet was then failing to connect so restored the ICOM. Got me really worried.Well, searched a lot on the web..

And almost solved!!!
Managed to set up the WIFI. You set up TP-Link as an access point, access key similar to that in ICOM,access point name common to both router and ICOM configuration. Then connect TP-Link to ICOM with ethernet cable, in wifi, connect to the WIFI network you just set up. I can now receive IP address in itoolradar as if it was in DHCP mode.
BUT IT CANT CONNECT TO CAR. IDENTIFICATION FAILURE. Tried all interface options. Needless to ask, interface set up with Easy connect. I can see icom interface in connection manager, KL15 has voltage, I have ethernet and Dcan shown as available protocols in connection Manager but still no luck. Direct connection with ethernet works a treat. Where is the quirk in DHCP or WIFI connection?

Well, I can now work wirelessly with any ICOM!!!
My connection issue was VMware adapter. Disabled it and now I can connect by plugging in the TP-Link router to ICOM and setting it up as an access point. ICOM in DHCP, laptop in DHCP. Perfecto!!
Only method that I cant get to work is pure WIFI i.e ICOM to car, Wifi router as accesspoint on power, laptop connected to access point wifi. I don’t get any IP on itoolradar this way. BMW ICOM may not be connecting to the router but honestly, I don’t care since my set up works I,e router connected to icom via ethernet
Tried Mypublic wifi software but it does not run on my win 10, No idea why, It just does not set up.

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Dernier calculateur Jaguar & Land Rover SPC564B64L8 en lecture / écriture: CG100 terminé! (cablage)

Dernier - calculateur - Jaguar - 1
Comment:  Jaguar et Land Rover SPC564B64L8 lecture et écriture

Puce: SPC564B64L8 du dernier écu Jaguar & Land Rover

Clés: TOUTES les clés perdues

But:  lire et écrire ECU

Solution: programmeur CG100  -confirmé à programmernouvelles clés aprèslecturedonnées etécriture etprogrammation



Sortez le module et la puce de la voiture



Exécuter le logiciel CG100: autres fonctions – Land Rover


Schéma de cablage

Connectez la puce avec CG100 pour lire et écrire des données


écrire de nouvelles données avec succès

Ensuite, programmez et ajoutez de nouvelles clés!

LONSDOR KH100 Manual: How to Register, Update, Program Keys

This is LONSDOR KH100 remote maker user manual:

LONSDOR KH100 definition

LONSDOR KH100 how to register

LONSDOR KH100 how to update

LONSDOR KH100 how to use

in detail…

What is LONSDOR KH100:

The Lonsdor KH100 handheld full-featured key mate and related materials are only used for normal vehicle maintenance, diagnosis and testing, and should not be used for illegal activities. If you use our products to violate laws and regulations, the company does not assume any legal responsibility. This product has certain reliability, but does not exclude the possible losses and damages, the risks arising from this shall be borne by the user, and Lonsdor does not bear any risks and liability.



Device dimension: 193MM*88MM*24MM

Screen size: 2.8 inch

Screen resolution: 320X240 Battery: 3.7V

2000MAH Power: 5V         500MA

Work temperature: -5℃~60℃

USB: USB-B/charge-data transfer

Connector port: PS2-7PIN OD3.5 7PIN , 1.27 spacing, the 2nd PIN: NC

Remote support:


How to register Lonsdor KH100:

Note:      After      booting        the      device,      please       connect       to      WIFI     and      enter      the following     process.

New user

① For the first use, please prepare a common call phone or email to help complete

activation process, click OK to start.

② Boot the device and enter registration activation process.

③ Input user name, password. Confirm password, cellphone number or email to obtain verification code. Then input the code to submit registration.

④ Account registered successfully, it will take 5 seconds to bind the device.

⑤ Successful registration, enter the system.

Registered user(who has registered Lonsdor products before)

① For the first use, please prepare a registered call phone or email to help complete

activation process, click OK to start.

② Boot the device and enter registration activation process.

③ Input your registered mobile number or email, password to obtain verification code. Then input the code to submit login.

④ Account login succeeded, it will take 5 seconds to bind the device.

⑤ Successful registration, enter the system.

In addition, users who have already registered Lonsdor’s product can directly choose [registered user] to activate account.

How to update Lonsdor HK100:

Enter settings menu

Connect the device to network

Then choose [check for updates]

One-click for online update!

How to use Lonsdor KH100 remote maker:

Read before use:

Before use this product, please read this instruction carefully to know how to use it properly.

Do not hit, throw, acupuncture the product, and avoid falling, squeezing and bending
Do not use this product in damp environment such as bathroom, and avoid it being soaked or rinsed with liquid. Please turn off the product in circumstances when it’s forbidden  to  use,  or  if  it  may  cause  interference  or  danger.
Do not use this product while driving a car, so as not to interfere with safety
In medical establishments, please follow the relevant regulations. In areas close to medical equipment, please turn off this
Please turn off this product near high-precision electronic equipment, otherwise the equipment may
Do not disassemble this product and accessories without authorization. Only authorized institutions can repair
Do not place this product and accessories in appliances with strong electromagnetic
Keep this product away from magnetic equipment. The radiation from magnetic equipment will erase the info/data stored in this
Do not use this product in places with high temperature or inflammable air(such as near gas station).
When using this product, please comply with relevant laws and regulations, and respect the privacy and legal rights of

Read for better use:


Identify Copy

Enter this menu, follow system prompts to operate (as shown).


Access Control Key

Enter this menu, follow system prompts to operate (as shown).

Identify ID card

Identify IC card

Simulate Chip

Put KH100’s antenna at the ignition switch(as shown), choose the corresponding chip type to simulate. This device supports below chip types:

①4D                   ②46                   ③48


Generate Chip

Put below types of chip into the induction slot(as shown), choose the corresponding chip to operate according to the prompts.

This device supports below chip types:

①4D              ②46            ③48              ④T5

⑤7935          ⑥8A            ⑦4C            ⑧Other

Note: some chip data will be covered and locked.

Generate Remote

Enter [Generate key]->[Generate remote], choose the corresponding vehicle type to generate remote control(as shown) according to different regions.


Generate Smart key(card)

Enter [Generate key]->[Generate smart key] menu,choose the corresponding vehicle type to generate smart key/card(as shown) according to different regions.


Identify Coil

1 Search smart induction area

Connect  remote  key  with  remote  connector,  Put  KH100’s  antenna  close  to  the pre-determined position. If inductive signal is identified, the device will continuously make sounds, please check if the position is right(as shown below).
②Detect IMMO

Connect  remote  key  with  remote  connector,  Put  KH100’s  antenna  close  to  key identification coil, and use key to turn ignition ON. When KH100 buzzer beeps, it means signal is detected.

Remote Frequency

Enter  this  menu,  put  remote  control  at  the  device’s  induction  area  to  detect  remote frequency.


Special function

Include: detect infrared signal, unlock Toyota smart key, More functions, to be continued…

Detect infrared signal

Put remote control at the infrared signal detection area, press the remote’s button once. When the light on KH100’s screen is on, it indicates there is infrared signal, otherwise there is no signal(see below pic).


P1: signaled                                                     P1: no signal

Unlock Toyota smart key

Put in smart key, click OK to operate.


Cylinder Cutout Test using Caterpillar ET Software

How to perform Cylinder Cutout Test using Caterpillar ET Software?

The cylinder cutout test allows one cylinder or multiple cylinders to be cut out. The cylinder cutout test is useful when troubleshooting poor engine performance or a suspected injector failure.

Test Operation:
The cylinder cutout test disables the injector by not providing the injector pulse to the solenoid. The cylinder cutout test can be performed on one injector or multiple injectors at once.

-Connect to CAT ET Software,
-Open Menu: Diagnostics – Diagnostic Tests – Cylinder Cutout Test

Caterpillar - ET - Software -1

-Click Start, then Select Cylinder Cutout Test
for Example: choose 1-Cylinder Cutout Test
Caterpillar - ET - Software -2

-Click Continue, then OK

Caterpillar - ET - Software -3

-Wait until All Cycle Test (Cylinder 1-6) finished, and look at the Results on Fuel Position tab, the smallest value than the others, indicates that could be damaged on Injector (for Example: Cylinder 1).

Caterpillar - ET - Software -4

1-Cylinder Cutout Test Conditions,
The following conditions must be met for the Automatic Cylinder Cutout Test
1) Engine Speed must be between 980 RPM and 1020 RPM (Engine Speed will automatically adjusted)
2) Engine Coolant Temperature must be 170 Deg F or higher
3) No Engine Performance related active diagnostic codes are allowed
4) No default Injector Serial Number (000000000000) allowed
5) Throttle position must not vary by +/- 5%

Caterpillar - ET - Software -5

If at any time any of these conditions are not met, the test will automatically aborted.
-Ensure Transmission is in Neutral or Electrical Load is removed from Generator.
-Fan cycling, A/C compressor cycling, or changes in Engine Load will invalidate this test.
-If the fan is not controlled by the Engine ECM, please Enable the fan if possible.
-WARNING: If the ECM controls the fan, the fan will be turned ON automatically upon starting this test.
-WARNING: Please make sure the Compression Brake is in the OFF position. During the test, Compression Brake operation will cause the Engine to surge.
for Example: 1-Cylinder Cutout Test Aborted

Caterpillar - ET - Software -6

Manual Cylinder Cutout Test
-Click on Change – Start – Stop tab, and look at Fuel Position value.

Caterpillar - ET - Software -7

BMW ISTA-D and ISIS – Similarities and Differences

This is good information for those who want to know if ISTA-D provides technical diagrams and instructions like ISIS/ICOM.

ISIS is a BMW server platform for dealers. All updates are downloaded to the ISIS.

From there the ISIS updates ISID (diagnostics) tablets and ISSS (programming) if applicable.

The ISID runs an embedded windows xp OS.

Installed on the ISID is a program called ISTA-D (recent versions are codenamed ‘Rheingold’)

ISTA-D you can do all diagnostic functions, battery registrations etc etc. it also has wiring diagrams and guides on changing parts.

Some clever russians keep leaking the ISTA-D installer and it can easily be installed on any windows operating system. I can give you download links. They are around 10gb.

In ISTA-D you have a connection manager or how you wish to connect the computer to the odb port.

The common ones are:


BMW ICOM is BMW official cable, its predocessor was an OPPS unit. An ICOM is more than just a cable however, it has its own network adapter, mac address, cpu, cooling etc etc. Originals are expensive but you can get cheap but hq chinese clones for around $350 USD like this
icom-next-wlan-setup-1 icom-next-wlan-setup-2 icom-next-wlan-setup-3
EDIABAS is a communication protocal which requires you to have BMW Standard Tools installed aswell – which isnt a bad thing! This utilises comport access amongst other connection methods and is configured by an ini file. Most people use this method of connection as its cheap, you can get a K+DCAN cable for under $50 USD now. Just do your research first as there ar bad clones about!

OMITEC is also an original USB interface. These are very rare. K+DCAN cable are copies of the OMITEC cable.

Update: Thinking it can be used on a Mac also… I use a Mac sometimes no problem with a windows VMware XP virtual machine and ISTA-D installed.

As I said there is no better diagnostic software. Its dealer level software and It’s freely available now all over the Internet. Plus it’s very user friendly!

So price is Cable + Windows XP CD key for the virtual machine…

Hope that helps.

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Troubleshoot Xtool X100 Pad2 battery drains too fast

Xtool X100 Pad2 battery issue not always happens, but if it does, for example “It works a littl time and the battery says XX% and later powered off and not start.” Then please fix it by following mainly three steps:

Step 1: Disassemble the C6 capacitor and desolder a 4.7K 0603 resistor. (see details below)

Step 2:  Disassemble the Q14 transistor (see details below)

Step 3: Replace the C123 capacitor witth a 3.3K%5 0402 resistor. (see details below)

Two pieces of tools to prepare:
Tool Jig:
Static bracelet (Number: 1)
Hot air gun (Number: 1), Temperature: 350±10℃

How to: Disassemble the C6 capacitor and desolder a 4.7K 0603 resistor

Position: C6
Name: Chip capacitor
Specification: 4.7UF/10V  0603
Number: 1

Operation Steps: 1.Disassemble the C6 capacitor and desolder a 4.7K 0603 resistor.

7-1 7-2 7-3

2 How to: Disassemble the Q14 transistor

Position: Q14
Name: Transistor
Specification: S8050
Number: 1

Operation Steps:

Disassemble the Q14 transistor.


3 How to: Replace the C123 capacitor witth a 3.3K%5  0402 resistor.

Position: C123
Name: Chip capacitors
Specification: 0.1uF/50V 0402

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How to use BDM adapters with Ktag Kess KTM100 Dimsport

Here is a BDM adapter user manual for Denso, Marelli, Bosch, Siemens.

BDM probe adapters full set for sale:
contact via Email:

What is BDM?
BDM is an acronym for Background Debug Mode, an interface designed by the Motorola company, widely
used in automotive industry, present on modern ECUs. Not all ECUs are capable of interfacing
through the BDM – see Appendix for the list of ECUs that support the BDM interface.

What is Adapter?
ADAPTER is an electronic circuit board designed for a certain ECU (manufacturer), with pogo pins and a 10-pin IDC connector for interfacing the multiplexer board.

What is a BDM Adapter?
BDM adapter is an electronic circuit intended for BDM operation on supported ECU. The adapter provides pogo pin based connectors for interfacing the ECU BDM connector. Interfacing the supported tool is made by the use of intermediate circuit board (multiplexer) that connects to the adapter over the MUX connector and to the tool over the desired tool connector (FGTECH, XPROG, BDM100,Dimsport, KTM100, KESS V2 & K TAG, etc.)



What is a BDM Adapter Full Set?
Here is a list of BDM adapter full set: (support Denso, Marelli, Bosch, Siemens)
A full set includes 22pcs.


1 14AM00T01M Bosch
2 14AM00T02M Delphi DCM
3 14AM00T03M Bootloader ST10xx
4 14P600KT04 Infineon Tricore EDC/MED17
5 14AM00T05M Marelli MPC55xx JTAG
6 14AM00T06M Delphi MPC55xx JTAG
7 14AM00T07M Denso CN1 Boot
8 14AM00T08M Denso CN2 Boot
9 14AM00T09M Denso CN3 Boot
10 14AM00T10M Denso CN1 AUD
11 14AM00T11M Denso CN2 AUD
12 14AM00T00M Delphi DCI
13 14AM00TBAS Base Adapter 1.27
14 14AM00T14M NexusEFI T6 Lotus
15 14AM00TB02 Magneti Marelli BDM insert
16 14AM00TB01 Siemens BDM insert
17 14AM00TB03 EDC7 BDM insert
18 14AM00T18M Magneti Marelli MPC/SPC56xx
19 14AM00T13M Nexus MPC5xx TRW ECU
20 VAG 1.6tdi – Siemens-Continental PCR2.1
21 14AM00T15M Toyota NEC76F-20
22 14AM00T16M Toyota NEC76F-26

How to use a BDM probe adapter with KTAG/KESS/KTM100/Dimsport?

1.Open the ECU
○ at least one part of the casing (top or bottom) needs to be removed
○ refer to other sources (Internet) to get information on which part needs removing on your ECU

2.Locate the ECU BDM connector

○ usually a set of 10 – 12 pads in two rows (depending on the ECU)
○ pads may be 2.54 mm or 1.27 mm apart (depending on the ECU)
○ rows may be 2.54 mm or 5.08 mm apart (depending on the ECU)
○ if the ECU BDM connector can not be located, chances are that the BDM pads are scattered all over the ECU PCB in which case you can not use the adapter directly – nevertheless it is possible to manually route the adapter BDM signals to the ECU BDM pads (only for advanced users)

3.Locate the ECU BDM pin 1 position

○ pin 1 is usually not clearly marked on the ECU BDM pin out
○ on an ECU with the standard Motorola BDM pin out pins 3 and 5 are connected to ground – this can be checked either visually or using a multimeter tool
○ refer to other sources (Internet) to get more information on the pin 1 position for your ECU from

4.Place the desired adapter in the frame saddle

○ make sure the pogo pins are facing out
○ lift the saddle so that the ECU can be slided under the frame adapter saddle

5.Place the ECU on the frame

○ inspect the adapter for pogo pin 1 location which is clearly marked ○ rotate the ECU on the frame so that the adapter pogo pin 1 and ECU BDM pin 1 match
○ make sure ECU is firmly sitting on the frame
○ double check the ECU position

6.Connect the multiplexer board and adapter

○ at this point multiplexer board should be connected to the adapter via MUX connector
○ this will allow LEDs on the adapter to illuminate the area of interest (where the pogo pins need to touch the ECU BDM pads)
○ do not connect the tool yet

7.Connect the external power (+12 V) to the multiplexer

○ multiplexer external power is used to power the LEDs on the adapter allowing easier positioning of the adapter pogo pins on the ECU BDM pads
○ red LED on multiplexer board will light up when external power (+12 V) is present
○ at this point the white LEDs on the adapter should also light up
○ do not connect the tool yet

8.Fine tune the ECU position

○ lower the frame adapter saddle to almost touch the ECU BDM pads
○ each adapter pogo pin needs to sit on a separate ECU BDM pad
○ if pogo pins do not sit on the pads you may be using the wrong adapter – do not use the adapter in this case!

9.Lower the frame adapter saddle

○ each adapter pogo pin should sit on one ECU BDM pad
○ minimum down force should be applied when making the interconnection between the adapter and ECU

10.Double check the adapter pogo pin and ECU BDM pad interconnection

○ in order not to damage the ECU and/or tool make sure that the steps above have been performed correctly

11.Connect the tool to the multiplexer board

○ only connect one tool at any given moment to the multiplexer
○ make sure to use the correct 10-pin IDC connector (FGTECH, XPROG, BDM100&KTAG)for interfacing the tool used:
1 use provided 10-pin to 10-pin cable with FGTECH or BDM100 tools
2 use provided 10-pin to 16-pin cable with XPROG tool
3 use manufacturer 10-pin to 25-pin cable with KTAG tool

○ do not connect the tool to the 10-pin IDC connector labeled MUX
○ do not power up the tool yet

12.For Bosch adapter only

○ Bosch ECUs need to have ECU power supplied on the pogo pins (2 and 9)
○ some tools provide dedicated ECU power (BDM100, KTAG) while others do not (XPROG, FGTECH)
○ Bosch adapter can be used in both cases, providing that the jumper is properly placed on the 3-pin header (found on the adapter)
○ place the jumper on the adapter on the 3-pin header to the correct position:
○ place jumper over left and central pins when using XPROG and FGTECH tools – this will use +12 V power delivered from the multiplexer board (external power) for powering the ECU
○ place jumper over right and central pins when using BDM100 or KTAG tools – this will use +12 V power delivered by the tool for powering the ECU

13.For Siemens, Delphi and Marelli adapters only

○ Siemens, Delphi and Marelli do not provide ECU power on the pogo pins
○ in order to power the ECU +12 V and ground signals needs to be connected to the ECU separately(usually over the ECU interfacing connector)
○ in this case ECU power can be taken from multiplexer board connectors J2 (+12 V) and J3 (ground), otherwise provide the +12 V ECU power from additional source
○ refer to other sources (Internet) to get more information on the location of the +12 V and ground pin location for your ECU

14.Connect the tool to the PC (or power up the tool)

○ perform software installation as described by the tool manufacturer if not done already
○ at this point the multiplexer, adapter and the ECU should be properly interconnected with BDM signals and power lines
1 multiplexer red LED should be lit up
2 adapter white LEDs should be lit up
3 ECU power (+12 V) should be present

○ connect the tool to the PC (usually done over USB or serial connection)

15.Perform BDM operation(s)

○ start up the software package to operate the ECU Programmer
○ perform desired BDM operation(s)Note: The user manual is used for reference; in fact, it depends. Try on your own risk.

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Cat ET Service Software Deactivation

Instructions for the Deactivation of Cat ET and CAT SIS service software follow the same format.
The examples that are shown in this presentation represent the Cat ET procedure.
Please follow the same process for SIS DVD.

Deactivation – CAT ET
11-1 11-2 11-3 11-4 11-5

Revoke Licenses – Cat ET & SIS DVD
Computers can be lost, smashed, stolen, etc.
Cat ET or SIS DVD Licenses may be Revoked
Revoked Licenses may be REPLACED
Revoked Licenses may be NOT REPLACED

Revoke and Replace License – Cat ET
If a license is Revoked and Replaced, the Total License count in an Order Increases

-> Order XYZ of 10 TOTAL Licenses Exists
5 Licenses are Unassigned and Available
5 Licenses are Assigned
10 total licenses in Order XYZ

-> If one of the 5 Assigned Licenses from is Revoked and Replaced
6 Licenses are Unassigned and Available
4 Licenses are Assigned
1 License is REVOKED
11 total licenses in Order XYZ

Revoke and Not Replace License – Cat ET
If a license is Revoked and Not Replaced, the Licen
se count in an Order is Maintained
-> Order XYZ of 10 TOTAL Licenses Exists
5 Licenses are Unassigned and Available
5 Licenses are Assigned
10 total licenses in Order XYZ
-> If one of the 5 Assigned Licenses from Order XYZ is Revoked and Not Replaced
5 Licenses are Unassigned and Available
4 Licenses are Assigned
1 License is REVOKED
10 total licenses in Order XYZ

Revoke License – Cat ET

12-1 12-2

Revoke License


Revoke & Replace License Results


Revoke Without Replacement License Results